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1. Find a Location near you and sit down at one of our terminals

2. Browse our games, swipe a GotSkill? card, insert $ and press PLAY!

3. To convert credits into cash you will need to play the skill bar to determine your prize - an opportunity to win 110%.


4. Log-out.  The establishment staff will be able to assist you in redeeming your winnings on your card.


Credits can only be redeemed for Cash Prizes.

A player must be 18 years of age or over.


Player Accounts and credits are Establishment-specific and are only valid at the Establishment where they are issued.

The minimum value of credits you may redeem is five dollars ($5.00). Any redemption amount exceeding $400.00 may (at the Establishment’s discretion) be picked up by the Player after five (5) business days at the Establishment or sent to the address on their account.

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