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At Skill Based Games (SBG) we want you to know that we value your security and privacy and have done everything possible to ensure that the information you provide to us and the transactions you perform are secure.

The SBG Privacy Policy informs you about the ways we ensure that your privacy and the confidentiality of your information are protected. SBG reserves the right to change this policy at any time without advance notice and encourages you to review such policies regularly. Use of our services, games and website is also governed by terms and conditions which you should review prior to accepting. These terms and conditions also provide you with the opportunity to opt out of the program and games, should you so desire.

Skill Based Games (SBG) & Got Skill) Privacy - Key Principles:

Collecting and Using Information

This Privacy Policy explains the purposes for which we collect information from or about you. If we wish to obtain information for any purpose not set out in this Privacy Policy, we will explain how we intend to use it at the time of collecting such information. We will limit the information we collect to what we need for those purposes, and we will use it only for those purposes. We will obtain your prior consent if we wish to use your information for any other purpose.

We ask you for personal information for a variety of purposes, including to establish and serve you as a SBG / Got Skill customer, marketing, promotional activities, account opening and servicing,  play of our games, transaction, research, analysis, development and marketing of new products, and for issuing, by MADD Canada, a tax receipt.

We use your email address to communicate with you, to acknowledge any comments received from you and/or reply to your questions. If you wish to opt out of any use of your information or to withdraw your consent, you may do so at any time by following the procedures set out with any e-mails and we will no longer use that information for such purposes.

Releasing Information

We will only share your information with:

  • MADD Canada

  • Establishment where you opened your account

  • Where required by law

Information Access and Accuracy

We will give you access to the information we retain about you, and will make every reasonable effort to keep your information accurate and up to date. SBG / Got Skill is not responsible for errors or problems that arise as a result of the provision of inaccurate information by you.

How We Protect Your Information

We will protect your information with technical safeguards and security measures. We will retain your information only for the time it is required for the purposes we explain.

All employees of SBG / Got Skill are familiar with and have agreed in writing to comply with the procedures that must be taken to safeguard customer information. To us, protecting the confidentiality of your information is more than a procedure - it is fundamental to who we are as an organization. Employee access to member information is also restricted to those employees who have a need to know for the purposes of carrying out their duties.

You should remember that you also play a valuable role in data security. You should never share your Got Skill PIN# with anyone. If you feel that your PIN# has been compromised, please change it immediately. SBG / Got Skill will never ask you for your password in any unsolicited communication (including unsolicited correspondence such as letters, phone calls or email messages).

Visiting Our Web Site

When you go directly to the information portion of our website and move from page to page, read pages or download content onto your computer, we learn which pages are visited, what content is downloaded, and the address of the website that you visited immediately before coming to our websites. However, this information is measured only in aggregate and is not associated with you as an individual.

We use this information to determine how many people visit our websites and which sections of the sites are visited the most frequently. This helps us to know what type of information is most useful to you so that we can improve our websites to make it easier for you to access information. We record the statistical information on the numbers of visitors to our websites, but no information about you in particular will be kept or used.

Your Concerns Matter To Us

If you have any concerns or questions about privacy and confidentiality - or any concerns about the way a request for information was handled - please contact

We will promptly respond to your request to ensure that your needs are met.

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