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With many years of experience developing the finest games and systems for the gaming industry. Our creative designs, unique themes, proven math models, tools and innovative teams to make it all work - mix it up in a bowl, add a little magic, and you have games that players love to play!

These are over 25, and growing, fun games that test a person’s skills, making it both entertaining and challenging. GotSkill? games challenge players’ hand-eye coordination and timing - people find them fun because the games are engaging, and their skills are tested.

People actively play GotSkill?, which makes the games something different than other passive games. Players have the opportunity to win prizes and cash depending on their skill level - depending on their skill levels, they can win cash prizes up to $2,000 -- and at select locations, players can win even higher prizes. 

You can play any of the below games at a location near you! 

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