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GotSkill? - MADD Canada relationship to pass milestone in 2024

April – 2024 – GotSkill? is an Official Sponsor of Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD Canada), and the Ontario games company supports the charity by donating and partnering to raise greater awareness about impaired driving. GotSkill? is entering its eighth year contributing to MADD Canada and this special relationship will pass a significant milestone in 2024.
GotSkill? video console entertainment games are found in nearly 200 hospitality establishments across the province, from restaurants, cafes and pubs, to pool halls and bowling alleys. The games are fun, requiring hand-eye coordination, and they include the opportunity for players to win cash prizes.
Each year for the past seven, GotSkill? has donated a minimum of $100,000 to MADD Canada and the charity’s good work. This corporate donation is also added to by GotSkill? players, who are presented with the option to make a charitable donation to MADD Canada - and many players do pay forward their winnings. To date, the company and its players have contributed over $900,000.
In 2024, GotSkill? will be surpassing the milestone of donating $1,000,000 to MADD Canada.
In addition to their financial contribution, GotSkill? promotes responsible drinking by displaying MADD Canada messages on their video screens. With this partnership, in a single year, the MADD Canada – GotSkill? message is seen nearly 1,000,000 times in Ontario restaurants, pubs and drinking establishments.
Steve Sullivan, MADD Canada CEO, states, “We are very thankful for the collaboration with GotSkill? as a strategic partner in raising greater awareness in hospitality establishments. Also, the on-going financial support enables us to deliver outstanding programs and services to victims, youth and the public at large.”
Sullivan adds, “And that is a big milestone for our MADD Canada-Gotskill relationship this year. We are looking forward to working with the company and its customers and establishments across Ontario for years to come.” 
GotSkill? / SBG - Skills Based Games Inc.
SBG - Skill Based Games Inc. (SBG) is a Canadian distributor of GotSkill? games developed for installation in the hospitality sector. The games are skill-based, requiring hand-eye coordination, and include the opportunity for cash prizes. SBG’s GotSkill? games are fun, entertaining, and skill-based. Visit:
About MADD Canada MADD Canada is a national, charitable organization that is committed to stopping impaired driving and supporting the victims of this violent crime. With volunteer-driven groups in more than 100 communities across Canada, MADD Canada aims to offer support services to victims, heighten awareness of the dangers of impaired driving, and save lives and prevent injuries on our roads. To learn more, visit

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