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GotSkill? vocal about support for hospitality industry at the RC Show

Canadian gaming company Skill Based Games Inc. (SBG) took the opportunity with their participation at the Restaurant Canada (RC) Show earlier this month to voice their support for the beleaguered hospitality industry. In this difficult and disruptive period for the industry, income from GotSkill? games assists establishments to remain open.


GotSkill? are unique skill games that are hosted in floor cabinets and bar top units. The games are found in nearly 200 establishments across Ontario: from Windsor, London, and the Niagara Region, throughout the GTA, to Ottawa and Cornwall, and to northern centres, from North Bay to Pickle Lake.

Tony Carvalho, GotSkill? president and CEO, comments on the troubled state of Ontario’s hospitality industry, “Restaurants, bars and other establishments are caught in a perfect storm right now, with rising operating expenses, increased food costs, and staff shortages. Many are managing debts with higher interest rates. It is a very challenging time as some are making no money and bankruptcies are at the highest level they have been in a decade.”

“The current numbers are rather disturbing, but I believe we will see better days because business owners and people involved in the hospitality field have a tremendous resiliency. We work together and pull for one another,” says Carvalho.

Recent statistics compiled on the hospitality industry in Canada reflect a difficult economic landscape for restaurant and bar owners.   


·         Seasonally adjusted restaurant sales dipped by 1.9 per cent on the year in Canada with full-service restaurants experiencing a 6.4 per cent drop in sales. (Statistics Canada)

·         Food costs increased last year by 30 to 40 per cent, and they are largely being absorbed by the business and not reflected in menu prices. To this point, Stats Can reports food prices at restaurants increased last year by 5.1 per cent. (Restaurant Canada)

·         Nearly two in three (62 per cent) foodservice operators are currently operating at a loss or just breaking even (compared to 12 per cent in pre-pandemic years). (Restaurant Canada)

·         Last year Canada saw a nearly 40 per cent increase in bankruptcies in the accommodation and food services industry. (Financial Post)


Carvalho states these dire statistics highlight the importance of his company’s role in supplementing his clients’ business income. He states, “At this RC Show we were able to talk with many business owners about the direct and indirect additional revenue they can depend on by hosting GotSkill? skill-based games.”


Carvalho explains GotSkill? gives business owners a portion of the money spent on the game units that are installed and supported at no cost. The games also provide a fun entertainment value for patrons, who stay longer and order more food and beverage. He says, “Our games will improve both a business’s bottom line and its patrons’ experience. The financial opportunity our business provides is more important today than it has ever been.”


Carvalho adds he is committed to playing a role in supporting restaurants and bars as he sees them a reflection of a healthy community. “Local establishments are important meeting places in neighbourhoods. They are central to the lives of people and families who enjoy socializing, and central to the owners and staff of these small, often family-owned businesses. So, it is very satisfying to know we are helping these establishments that play such a large part in local economies.”


Known as the country’s largest hospitality trade event of the year, the RC Show took place from April 8 to 10, showcasing food industry products and specialists, including restaurant and bar entertainment companies.


GotSkill? / SBG - Skills Based Games Inc.


SBG - Skill Based Games Inc. (SBG) is a Canadian distributor of GotSkill? games developed for installation in the hospitality sector (restaurants, bars, pool halls, cafes, bowling alleys, entertainment establishments, etc.). The games are skill-based, requiring hand-eye coordination, and include the opportunity for cash prizes. Established in 2016, SBG’s GotSkill? games are fun, entertaining, and 100% skill-based. Visit:


Visit for more information or contact:

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