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Interview with GotSkill? Games President Tony Carvalho

Updated: Mar 13, 2019

A discussion about attractiveness of skill-based games for establishment owners

In late February SBG had a booth displaying GotSkill? games at the Restaurant Canada (RC) Show in Toronto. At the show, company president Tony Carvalho participated in a panel discussion on entertainment in bars. Here is an interview with Tony Carvalho to discuss the company, its games and their growing appeal for bar, pub, and other hospitality owners across Ontario.

While SBG and its games Got Skill? were at the RC Show for its fourth year last month, many people have not heard of SBG. Can you tell us a bit about the company and its games?

SBG is short for SBG-Skill Based Games Inc. We are an Ontario company operating out of the GTA. We have skill based games and we distribute the games to hospitality and entertainment establishments across Ontario. Our brand is GotSkill? games. I am pleased to say our games are popular and are found throughout the GTA, and from one end of the province to the other.

The games are fun and engaging and will entertain customers so they will stay longer in an establishment. For businesses, they are a good source of additional revenue. It’s a win-win and I think that is why we have been successful.

At the RC Show you were a guest participant in a panel discussion on “Entertainment in Bars.” Can you tell us about it?

Yes, I was part of a discussion that looked into the changes to entertainment taking place in bars and pubs. Establishments are increasingly offering their patrons new forms of entertainment. There are sports games, video screens, and there are skill-based gaming consuls like our GotSkill? games. On the panel I discussed the benefits an owner could realize when installing our games.

The video game machines offer additional entertainment value to a bar scene. But what is attractive about GotSkill? over other sources of entertainment. Explain these games.

For one, our games are different from video games. People actively play GotSkill? games. Players have a choice of 25 games that will test their hand-eye coordination and timing, and this makes the games both entertaining and challenging. They are engaging. The key difference, however, is players have the opportunity to win prizes and cash depending on their skill level.

People are drawn towards GotSkill? games because they can win cash. So, depending on a person’s skill level, they can win cash prizes up to $2,000. In some select locations, people can win even higher prizes.

From the business owners’ standpoint, the games are an attractive addition to their establishment because they receive incremental revenue. And we will work with business owners and their staff to ensure they can maximize returns from hosting the games.

So, the games are attractive to customers and, certainly, the income is attractive to the business owner. But, what is the obligation to an owner or staff for hosting and operating the GotSkill? games?

There really isn’t an obligation on the part of the establishment. We install the floor cabinets or bar-top consoles and provide the necessary training. We also provide owners and staff access to call-centre support 7 days a week, at no cost. SBG has developed a system that presents no hassles to the owners and staff allowing the establishment to focus on serving food and drinks to their customers. Bottom line: there are no operational or capital costs for the establishment.

Is there a business that is more suited to your games?

No, not really. GotSkill? games can now be found in a variety of bars and pubs, in pool halls, sports bars, bingo halls, cafes, bowling alleys, and adult entertainment establishments. We have found they are popular in all of these businesses. They are an attractive addition in bars and pubs etc. because patrons have the option to play the games before, during and after food and drinks. The games have the capability to draw new customers, so a business will find it a good addition. With the games, regular patrons will have reason to stay longer and, of course, this is attractive for bars and drinking establishments.

For those wanting to try your skill games, where can GotSkill? be found?

The games are now installed in establishments across Ontario. They can be found in Windsor through London, the Niagara Region and KW, through to Ottawa in the east. They are in northern Ontario communities as far north as Sudbury, Sault Ste. Marie and Thunder Bay. GotSkill? games are in many different bars and pubs throughout the GTA.

You also recently announced your games in Ontario Legions. Can you comment on this?

Yes, we are now in a number of Legions – in Kingston, Bradford and in Orangeville. Our games provide great additional income for Legion Branches. They provide entertainment value for their members and patrons. We have heard good things back from the manager in the Kingston Branches, that the games have already made a noticeably positive impact there.

GotSkill? sounds like an unqualified success. Where do you see SBG and GotSkill? five years from now?

It will be interesting to see! Right now, we are just trying to get the word out to Ontario businesses about the opportunity of installing GotSkill? games in their establishments. That is why we always enjoy the conversations we have with business owners and managers at the RC Show. Our games and the system we install speak for themselves and the business owners see the benefits right away. So, it is a matter of letting the Ontario hospitality and entertainment community know about us.

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