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Legions in Kingston now have GotSkill? video skill games

Updated: Jan 14, 2019

“We are very pleased with the added income, which is significant for us.”

January 8, 2019 – The Royal Canadian Legion Branches in Kingston are some of the growing number of Legions who have installed GotSkill? video skill games for the enjoyment of their members, patrons and for the financial return to their Branches. Both Branches #560 and #631 have seen positive returns from the new games.

GotSkill? are unique, skill-based video games that challenge players’ hand-eye coordination and timing. Players can win cash prizes up to $2,000 depending on their skill level. Establishments hosting the games gain income with no cost to their operation.

GotSkill? games are a wonderful addition to our restaurant and bar,” says Jim Helsby, Branch #560 Executive Member responsible for Lottery. “The games are popular. We are very pleased with the added income, which is significant for us.”

GotSkill? games has reached out to individual Ontario Legions to offer the same beneficial services provided to the Kingston Legion Branches.

The Ontario Command of the Royal Canadian Legion has stated “they do not endorse nor approve the decision to host GotSkill? Games”. Each Legion Branch is autonomous in their day to day operations.

GotSkill? President Tony Carvalho is pleased to be working with Ontario Legions, “Our games will provide great income for Legion Branches and great entertainment value for their members and patrons. We are pleased to be in the Kingston Branches and to have already made a positive impact there.”

Mr. Carvalho explains there are attractive benefits to installing GotSkill? games. “Most important, the games provide Legions with a percentage of the income. Second, members and patrons enjoy the games. Third, there are no operation fees or charges for the video machines. And fourth, support and maintenance is provided 7 days a week, at no cost.”

GotSkill? games are installed in nearly 250 establishments across Ontario.

Interested Legion Branches are encouraged to contact the SBG corporate office in Woodbridge Ontario to discuss opportunities for installation of the GotSkill? games. Contact Tony Carvalho directly at 905-264-4567 or email

Got Skill? / SBG - Skills Based Games Inc.

SBG - Skill Based Games Inc. (SBG) is a Canadian distributor of video skill games developed for installation in the hospitality and entertainment establishments (restaurants, pubs, pool halls, cafes, bowling alleys, entertainment establishments, etc). SBG’s GotSkill? games are skill-based, requiring hand-eye coordination, and include the opportunity for cash prizes. The games are fun and challenging, adding entertainment value for patrons. Visit:

Visit for more information or contact:

Tony Carvalho - 905.264.4567 or

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