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SBG Inc. attends Restaurant Canada’s Show

Updated: Nov 15, 2018

Got Skill? turns heads and receives good reviews

February 28, 2017 – For the past three days Canadian gaming company SBG - Skill Based Games Inc. (SBG) was in attendance at Canada’s largest foodservice and hospitality event in Toronto showcasing its new video skill games GotSkill?

The GotSkill? booth at Restaurant Canada’s Show featured their attractive floor cabinets and bar top units. Tony Carvalho, GotSkill? president, noted the reaction to the new video games was good, “I think we turned heads. People have fun playing the games and business owners immediately see the benefits of having these engaging games in their pubs and restaurants.”

GotSkill? games can be installed as floor cabinets or as bar-top units. Patrons have the option to play the video skill games before, during and after food and drinks. The game devices have a dedicated poi

nt-of-sale functionality and players have the opportunity to win prizes and cash depending on their skill level.

“Businesses are provided all the software and hardware and have access to call-centre support 7 days a week -- at no cost,” explains Carvalho. “We will track players’ experiences and work with the owners and staff to ensure they are getting the greatest business returns with the games.”

“It is a win-win,” says Carvalho, “The business receives incremental revenue from the games and there’s no cost to having them in the establishment. Because they are fun, challenging games, GotSkill? is sure to keep patrons entertained longer.”

Carvalho adds, “Our system has been designed to minimize the impact on the main function of bars and restaurants, which is serving drinks and food.”

GotSkill? can be found in pubs and restaurants throughout the GTA and now the video skill games can be played across Ontario.

GotSkill? / SBG - Skills Based Games Inc.

SBG - Skill Based Games Inc. (SBG) is a Canadian distributor of video skill games developed for installation in the hospitality sector (restaurants, bars, pool halls, cafes, bowling alleys, entertainment establishments, etc). The games are skill-based, requiring hand-eye coordination, and include the opportunity for cash prizes. SBG’s GotSkill? games are fun, entertaining, legal, and 100% skill-based.

Visit for more information or contact:

Tony Carvalho - 905.264.4567 or

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