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Got Skill? Games Participated in the RC Show

Updated: Mar 12, 2019

Games company president on panel discussion about entertainment in bars

GotSkill? are unique skill games that are hosted in attractive floor cabinets and bar top units. You can find GotSkill? in establishments across Ontario: from Windsor, London and the Niagara Region to Ottawa and Cornwall in the east; multiple places throughout the GTA; and, in northern Ontario communities, as far north as Thunder Bay and Pickle Lake.

In an interview at the RC show, Mr Carvalho elaborated on the benefits business owners receive with doing business with SBG. He stated, “We install the floor cabinets or bar-top consoles at no cost. We also provide owners and staff access to call-centre support 7 days a week, at no cost. SBG has developed a system that presents no hassles to the owners and staff allowing the establishment to focus on serving food and drinks to their customers. Bottom line: there are no operational or capial costs to the establishment.”

GotSkill? / SBG - Skills Based Games Inc.

SBG - Skill Based Games Inc. (SBG) is a Canadian distributor of GotSkill? games developed for installation in the hospitality sector (restaurants, bars, pool halls, cafes, bowling alleys, entertainment establishments, etc). The games are skill-based, requiring hand-eye coordination, and include the opportunity for cash prizes. SBG’s GotSkill? games are fun, entertaining, legal, and 100% skill-based.


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